Marturion Electronics ltd came into being in 2001 in direct response to a market need identified by Dr Andy Barr during an advanced business leadership programme run by Harvard University in the autumn of 2000.  This market need – expressed repeatedly by numerous local Massachusetts business leaders was for someone to identify what new product they could manufacture with their existing equipment and skillset in order to withstand overseas competition.

Inspired by this need, Dr Barr founded Marturion Electronics ltd to deliver product innovation to new and established businesses.  At that time he was already a director of a medical device company he had helped to establish and his primary responsibility was for innovation.  He had by then already 10 years experience in this industry with not only a primary degree in Electronic Engineering (with Medical Electronics) from University of Kent but also a PhD earned in the BioEngineering Centre at University of Ulster and experience as a Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast. 

However in 2001 the concept of outsourcing innovation to third party consultants was still embryonic outside the limited scope of conventional industrial design.  Marturion Electronics ltd grew slowly in those early days – with a simpler market offering restricted to electronic circuit design and embedded firmware development. 

By partnering with industrial design companies Marturion Electronics ltd was able to gain access to customers with a prior experience of outsourcing and a willingness to expand their scope beyond the design of stylish plastic enclosures to include the functional electronics and software within.  Marturion Electronics ltd gained a reputation through this period for asking insightful questions and for probing the strategic objectives of these customers in a way that facilitated them towards greater innovation in their product range. 

In consequence, customers tended to return to Marturion Electronics ltd a second or third time – not merely for electronic circuit design but for advice and mentoring on what their next product should be.  In this way the foundational objectives of Marturion Electronics ltd finally began to bear fruit.