Firmware is the low level code which directly controls the hardware on which a system runs on. We at Marturion Electronics ltd provide firmware design for a wide range of embedded devices such a microprocessors, flash chips, communication controllers and LCD modules. We use a wide range of embedded processors and microcontrollers for 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit designs and are competent in use of a wide range of compilers. We write firmware code mainly in ANSI-C.

We have used Operating Systems including Micrium's RTOS and Ångström Linux for application development. Use of a RTOS gives potential for much larger and more sophisticated multithreaded applications than would be available using typical sequential embedded software.

We have used .net for developing PC client side applicatons to connect to embedded device servers for remote monitoring and data collection applications.

By fully understanding the client's requirements and by having control of both software and hardware, we offer a solution that is optimised for the scale of the production.

We use UML 2.0 to design and model real time embedded software. This allows us to accurately capture the requirements from the client and model the system using Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Class/Object/Structure Diagrams and State Machine Diagrams.Some Default Content