NVolve AudienceResponder

Marturion Electronics ltd designed the entire electronics and embedded software for this product – which includes a proprietary wireless protocol - and also supported the client in obtaining a suitable manufacturing partner in China.

AudienceResponder helps organisations of all sizes improve the delivery of their classroom training, conferences, seminars, or any group event through the use of interactive voting keypads. 

This software allows users to create and insert interactive PowerPoint question slides into a normal PowerPoint presentation in order that the audience can interact with the speaker or host. The AudienceResponder software is fully integrated into Microsoft Powerpoint™. By using the software you can turn any normal Powerpoint presentation into an engaging interactive session. The software is extremely easy to use and can be installed in under a minute.

"I have worked with Marturion Electronics ltd for over 6 years developing many products. The team have  a great skill set and an eagerness to 'make it happen'. If you are looking for a product designed, prototyped and in fact put into production, then for sure Andy and the guys are worth a shout."

-Barry Harper, NVolve