Ambicare Ambulight PDT

Marturion Electronics ltd designed the entire electronic circuitry for this award winning product and also supplied the electronics subassembly for the first batch of production units under contract.

Ambulight PDT is a light-emitting sticking plaster for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) Simple and easily applied, the plasters are used in Photodynamic therapy (PDT) which is an established alternative to surgery for many forms of skin cancer.


  • A single use device, packaged as a disposable dressing, it is simple to set up with the patient
  • Wearable low powered light source technology allows greater freedom of movement during treatment
  • Low light intensity - which has the potential to reduce pain
  • A high uniformity of light, wavelength matched to the PDT cream and treatment protocol
  • Convenient for patient, medical professional and healthcare provider